Welcome to my 8-week Single girls Rehab
Bootcamp Program

(8 step Roadmap to attracting a high-Value partner)

  • You are here because you are ready to find your Soulmate, and when I say Soulmate, I don’t mean someone else. I mean YOU. Any woman who is serious about finding love must first find Self-love. And by self-love, I mean a deeper awareness of yourself.
  • During this program, I will take you through the 8 step framework I used to develop deep self-awareness and an unbreakable connection to myself. One of the first things we learn in self-development is that the love you experience between you and a partner reflects the one that exists between you and you.
  • To attract a high-value partner and a healthy, lasting relationship, you must know your inner workings. So grab a cup of coffee, sit and visualize a year from now.
  • You have a love of your life by your side; perhaps you are married or in a committed relationship planning a family. Maybe you are seeing each other a few times a week. Whatever your deepest desire for love is, I want you to imagine it is right here.
  • You are secure this relationship you visualise. You are loved. You can say no without fear of rejection or abandonment; you are safe and fully supported by your partner. You are passionate, joyful, and having a whole lot of fun.
  • Now, ask yourself whether it is a worthy investment to join a program that will give you an 8-week express guide to precisely that.
  • My program sets you up beautifully with the tool to create and build powerful and healthy relationships. To attract a high-value partner and to have a relationship with yourself that is solid and unbreakable.

My Story

I suffered in love for two decades. When I became a qualified Psychotherapist, I
created The Single Girls Rehab and other programs, all from my triumphs and
the clinical work with couples and women.

One thing I know for sure

You will only experience relationships that mirror your
relationship with yourself. So your relationship with yourself
needs to be a healthy, nourishing, and kind one.

I had an insecure and anxious attachment style, which meant I suffered from toxic and unhappy relationships for two decades. Nothing changed until I got the help to figure out what was happening inside me.
I had many painful relationships and broken hearts, but my relationship with myself suffered the most. I didn’t understand that there was even a self in there.Even though I had moved into adulthood, I didn’t understand that there was a split. That my little girl still lived inside and couldn’t heal or find peace until I showered her with my attention, love and parental guidance.
I grew up with parents who had a dysfunctional relationships despite trying their best. Codependency, infidelity, and emotional immaturity were at the core of their daily relational experience. My childhood home was fraught with disrespect, insecurity, and instability; the relationship model I learned from was an unhealthy one.
Today, my life is unrecognisable. I value and prioritise myself in my relationships. My first attention is on me. I have a loving and mentoring relationship with myself, one where I can generate my now feelings of security, safety, and love. I understand that deep and lasting love between two people requires self-love, awareness, and understanding.
To attract and build a healthy romantic relationship with another, a woman must love and value herself. She must possess tools that allow her to consistently cultivate a loving and stabilising relationship with herself and not look outside
of herself for someone else to give her that sense of foundational love and safety.
It would help if you had a level of self-awareness to help you own your projections when in love. Self-awareness helps you correctly interpret your triggers and identify your limiting unconscious narratives; otherwise, you don’t stand a chance of creating healthy, stable relationships with solid foundations at their core.
Today, I am a successful Mother, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach, and Author. In the end, it was not my degrees and qualifications that helped. I was willing to invest in myself and seek help from experienced practitioners who helped me with the work myself.

My Single Girl Rehab Program offers essential tools to help you find the answers to your relationship questions for yourself.

  1. For example, in our first lesson, my own specifically designed diagrams are introduced as the deepening Self-awareness map and framework we will be following to address insecure attachment in love and how to revitalize our
    confidence and love vibe from now on.
  2. We will also demonstrate through simple shadow work, again using my simple but effective diagrams, how your blindspots are stopping you from evolving beyond your attachment style.
  3. Then we will set an intention by establishing a connection to the future self who will pull us towards our desired outcomes in love by doing my powerful envisaging