Plastic Surgery. To be or Not to Be…

For many people considering cosmetic treatments is the beginning of a desire for change, for a new chapter in their lives.

Plastic surgery, whether invasive or non invasive is amongst the most life changing and life defining decisions you may ever make. It can have a significant impact on your life and it is important to know that you are making the right choice for you.

When we are not happy with the way we look, we feel self conscious and are filled with insecurities and a lack of confidence. Having worked with countless Women who have either considered surgery or undertaken it, I have seen a mixed outcome. But this is what I know for sure! (Thanks Oprah!).

For some this can be soul destroying and opportunities in our personal life or careers can be lost due to a lack of confidence.

These feelings can leave you in a rut, unable to move forward with your life. Some just want to change one thing or other about themselves to feel better. Overall they have a good level of self esteem and a happy life. In this case plastic surgery can enhance your life and can be the best decision you ever make.

Sometimes however, if self doubt, insecurity and low self esteem play a major part in your everyday life and how you feel about yourself, cosmetic surgery may cause further damage to your self esteem and mental health.

I’ve seen too many people whose self esteem is much worse after surgery. Even when the surgery is a success they are still very unhappy and ill at ease with themselves. this is because its an inside job! These people often become addicted to surgery.

If you suffer with low self esteem, any degree of Dysmorphia, depression or anxiety It might be smart to consider some internal work before surgery.
Making this decision can be a time filled with anxieties and doubts, when you can feel selfish, afraid or guilty. Even those of you who are certain about taking this step can benefit from someone to talk to.

Get support from an experienced person who can accompany you from the initial consultation, through to surgery if you decide to go ahead.

You do not need judgement at this time. You need support and understanding and you should not have to make this decision, or go on this journey alone.

Until Again,

Nancy xoxox