I’ve always been fascinated with how to overcome the internal obstacles that hold us back from loving ourselves and others fully. From giving and receiving love.
I was a stepmother for a few years before having my own little girl. During that time I did some research and discovered that more children than ever are facing life with little or no contact with one of their parents.
Even in the relative safety of a step family children of an absent parent will struggle to make sense of their feelings of abandonment.
If we as parents, step parents, carers or friends of these children are not consciously aware of our own inner challenges, insecurities or anxieties it can be difficult for us to offer the child the love and support to help them manage the disappointment they face every day.
Children of absentee parents can often feel, worthless, withdrawn, depressed, angry, confused and hopelessness. Parents step parents or carers of absent children can often feel anger, resentment, unappreciated, unloved or hopeless.
To truly care for a hurting child we have to ensure that our own inner child is cared for. Only then are we able to offer the child needs to be a mature patient they deserve. A love that is free from manipulation or distortion.
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