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Perhaps for the first time ever, you can use this time discover your authentic power and beauty. To learn from your past why your relationships have suffered and to create new insights into who you are and where you have been going wrong in attracting healthy relationships.

Shedding old ways thinking is like shedding your old skin and will transform you, reduce anxiety and rebuild your confidence. This will make you irresistible to the opposite sex. And that is where all the fun begins.

I Welcome You to My Relationship Rehab for Women Everywhere

One thing I know for Sure?.

If you do not address your childhood trauma, Your Romantic Relationships will

I am an accredited Psychotherapist and Single Women’s Coach. I am 100% confident I can solve your problem with love.

I have over ten years experience of working with Single Women and listening to their relationship struggles; I noticed that while every woman and her story was different, they all had one thing in common.

An issue around self worth and confidence when it comes to being worthy of love. Often these women did not have a healthy relationship model growing up.

These women can benefit from deepening self- awareness and Self-love around how to attract, build and sustain and healthy, Soul shaking best friend kind of love.

Often you lack the confidence to risk giving and receiving love in new and deeper ways. Still held back by things from the past.

Due to insecure, avoidant or anxious attachment styles, painful patterns keep repeating, and relationships become fraught with doubt, worry and insecurity.

These issues are blocking any possibility of healthy, lasting love coming your way.

I decided it was time to create a solution to solve all of these problems. I started the Relationship Rehab For Women.

A bundle of programs to solve all of these areas aren’t working in relationships with themselves and others.

  • 12 week 1-1 Confidence Coaching Program is renowned for getting women back on track and dating again
  • My Signature Single Girls Rehab Program is life-changing! Does dint believe me? Just look at my testimonials
  • My 1-1 and group Coaching Infidelity Programs are enormously helpful for women dealing with infidelity in any way.

These are just a few of the programs I have designed to help you get the love you want

In a recently published survey by Mckinley Irvin, 50% of marriages end in divorce, and the woman petitioned 62% of those.

Self-love, self awareness and emotional intelligence are the keys to a successful relationship.Without these attributes, our relationships are likely to be messy and confusing for all involved.


I grew up with parents who despite trying their best, had a dysfunctional relationship. Codependency, infidelity and emotional immaturity.

They were both pre occupied with their work and each other and did not have the ability to attune to their own emotional needs not to mention mine.

This meant, I never had a healthy relationship model to refer to. I didn’t know how to love or value myself or to be a part of a healthy coupling. I had never witnessed it growing up. I thought being in love meant suffering, co dependency  and conflict, and that’s exactly what I experienced for many years until I was able to let go of my childhood story.

Today, I understand that deep and lasting love requires a woman to Truly love and value herself. To have emotional independence and things in her life that bring her true happiness and keep her centred.

She should have A level of emotional intelligence into herself and her feelings to correctly interpret her triggers and her unconscious she sabotages and resists love.

But we must learn how to regulate our emotions and soothe ourselves to some degree, if we are to break from the strongholds of our past triggers.

I created The Single Girls Rehab from my own personal struggles as well as from working with couples and women for over 10 years.

Today, I am a successful Mother, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach and Author. In the end it was not my degrees and qualifications  that helped. It was my willingness to seek help and work on myself.

After all the time, investments and hard work I’ve put into myself I am still far from perfect. And that’s ok.


A healthy relationship will accommodate and help heal our various emotional shortcomings and baggage.

“I help women close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be”

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